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fitness powered by musicTM

We use the science of high energy hit music to inspire more reps, more steps, and more satisfying workouts. New and emerging DJs and artists inspire soundtracks you'll love beyond the workout. Stream it when you need it.

High Energy. Hit Music.

Discover and stream new artists that keep you moving—even on rest days.

Beats that Take Shape

Pulse-pumping tracks keep your energy up and new artists keep workouts fresh.

Stay in the Zone

Endorphin-boosting music gets you going and good vibes last all day long.

Let's move.

Meet the turbofit  tM artists

Curated based on their ability to create beats that speak to your mind, body and soul, our roster of DJs and artists aim to move you. Whether pushing you through one last rep or tricking you into giving your mind a break and your body full control, these music makers thrive on gifting you the right vibes at the right time, and new vibes you didn’t even know you needed.

find your beat.

tune out and tune in

Music is made to move you. We track a pulse, feel a tempo, find a rhythm and in response, we move. Our blood pumps to all the right places and elevates our mood and creates go-get-it feels. With the right sounds, we make the right choices. We choose to be TurboFit TM. Discover your sounds here.

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Bring the go-get-it vibes of your favorite fitness studios to you—wherever you are.


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