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Your personal escape where music and fitness meet to inspire better workouts and better days. The science proves it and you'll feel it. In the app, uncover pulse-pumping tracks, best-in-class trainers and workouts made to motivate –all streaming in 1 spot.

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Reviews and Feedback

5 Stars Review Rating

Great results
Turbofit was awesome for me because I struggle with self motivation and time. They are short but effective- try a class and see how much you sweat and how many calories you burn! Amazing! The coaches and music help motivate you and are easy to follow along. Minimal to no equipment needed. There is also something for everyone- so many choices! I highly recommend this app!

5 Stars Review Rating

Great short workouts
The classes are awesome! I didnt think Id like to workout from home, but it does really feel like Im in a studio class working with the trainer. The workouts cinematography is better than other apps! Trainers are great too. What I like best is the workout length is like 15-20 minutes so I can get a quick sweat on with my busy schedule or do two classes on the weekends. The music is a fun feature too. Looking forward to the next update because goal tracking would be really helpful. Overall great product :)

5 Stars Review Rating

Fave fitness app!
I’ve tried a few different apps to get in shape at home but Turbofit is the only one that makes me want to workout consistently. My muscles are sore, the music is awesome and the workout lengths are doable.

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